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About us:

THEATRE ON THE ROOF is a professional independent English language theatre, based in Budapest, Hungary. Founded in 2012, by the Macedonian theatre director Oliver Micevski, THEATRE ON THE ROOF gives rare opportunity to numerous expats, students, tourists and English speaking Hungarians to enjoy high quality theatre performances in English language.

The first premiere, GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams, had already more than 20 performances and is still on the actual repertoire on the theatre. The second premiere, VERNISSAGE by Vaclav Havel, was chosen to be presented on the conference dedicated to Vaclav Havel, at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. EDMOND by David Mamet followed after, along with the stage adaptation of LOLITA by Vladimir Nabokov.

During the years, the powerful performances as well as the minimalistic aesthetics and artistic language became recognisable mark of the theatre. Recently THEATRE ON THE ROOF employed workshops focused on acting in English for non-native English speaking actors which are visited by actors from all over the world.

THEATRE ON THE ROOF cooperates with the most relevant theatres from Hungary and abroad. The ensemble consists of actors and artists from UK, Croatia, Italy and Hungary.


About the play:

The play finds a man, visiting a couple of friends, at the unveiling of their newly-decorated apartment. The visit turns to nightmare.

Thursday 19:00 – 22:00 (with opening ceremony of the festival, reception and a concert of Kristína Prablesková & Milusion.

The performance is suitable for audience aged 15+.

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Author: Václav Havel
Director: Oliver Micevski
Dramaturgy: Oliver Micevski
Stage designer: Orsolya Vadasz
Lights: Sara Bocz
Sound: Marco Bonetti
Costumes: Oliver Micevski

Daniel Hall
Roderick Hill
Carna Krsul

Oliver Micevski
+36 20 972 0836