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Red Cat Cabaret

About us:

The show was first staged on October 12th, 2016 for Red Cat Cabaret in Bratislava, where it is now regularly on the programme.

Red Cat Cabaret is an authentic cabaret place filled with various shows full of surprises, curiosities, attractive guests and good music. It was created for people looking for more than a normal night out in Bratislava.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Fon na podporu umenia

Made in Slovakia

About the play:

It´s a multigenre show about Slovakia that shows Slovak customs, traditions, culture and mentality in a funny and entertaining way. This „road trip“ style show is intertwined with music, songs and dances from various Slovak regions. On the train across Slovakia, the main character – a foreigner Alice – meets different people and interacts with them..

The performance is suitable for audience aged 8+.

Refreshments and interactive programme between the shows in cooperation with student theatre ActofKAA are included in the price!

Friday 12:00 – 13:00

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Author: Václav Púčik, Lucia Siposová
Director: Václav Púčik
Dramaturgy: Václav Púčik
Choreography: Silvia Beláková
Lights: Branko Búbela
Sound: Branko Búbela
Costumes: Ľudmila Valná

Abbie Puskailer
Štefan Martinovič
Lukáš Vargic
Terézia Rekšáková
Folk music by Andrej Záhorec

Václav Púčik
+421 911 396 452