Festival of english speaking theatre

Austria (festival guest)

Open House Theatre

About us:

Founded in 2012, Open House Theatre is an English speaking theatre group based in Vienna. As an ensemble team, the roles of actor, director, and writer and so on, are changed and exchanged throughout the seasons.

The sharing of responsibilities amongst its members enables Open House Theatre to explore a variety of theatrical styles and genres, and makes for an exciting environment where the ensemble members learn from each other’s mistakes and triumphs!

The theatre is about to enter its fourth season.


About the play:

Hedda by Alan Burgon, is a modern re-working of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. With a cast of four, the main storyline and themes of Ibsen’s work are brought into the present day, with links to the second world war, and conceptual ideas taken from Peer Gynt.

Hedda, a Viennese woman with a dark family history, moves to London with her husband George, in an effort to leave her past behind. However, with the arrival of Tara, and later Eliot, her past comes rushing back to find her!

Relationships are pushed to the edge, and as the characters struggle to handle their situation and each other, the pervading outcome seems inevitable!

“Sometimes it’s the things we don’t say, that make the most noise” Alan Burgon

Friday 19:00 – 20:30
The performance is suitable for audience aged 14+.

Author: Alan Burgon
Director: Alan Burgon
Dramaturgy: Linda Starodub
Stage designer: Alan Burgon
Lights and sound: Robert Neumayr
Costumes: Jennifer Kobb

Hedda – Maria Lohn
George – Noud Hell
Tara – Julia C. Thorne
Eliot – Tom Middler