Festival of english speaking theatre

Czech Republic

Michaela Dušková

My name´s Michaela Dušková and I was born in Prague. I still live close by, but I don´t spend much time there since the local noise could be annoying sometimes.

I studied multimedia and animation on high school, but I think it was the creative company of my friends that caused the move. We were wandering around the city cafes and thanks to them, I explored the animation techniques further. It was the euphoria when turning inanimate things into animate that decided I followed my dream and enrolled in the Faculty of design and art in Pilsen, where I´m currently studying animation and interactive production.

I float in the silence, my head in the clouds with poetry covered in melancholy trying to make this world even nicer and more playful. I hope to influence the worlds of others who might have forgotten for a while.


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