Festival of english speaking theatre

Interactive workshop for non-native English-speaking actors

Acting in English for non-native English-speaking actors


Oliver Micevski

University in Oslo, Norway

Oliver Micevski is a Macedonian theatre director. After graduating from the National academy of dramatic arts in the Macedonian capital Skopje, he worked for in one of the world known advertisement agencies Publicis.

In 2009 he got a scholarship from Norwegian government in order to specialize on the works of the playwright Henrich Ibsen in the Ibsen´s center at the Oslo´s University. Afterwards we also worked in Hungary – Budapest, where he founded Theatre on the Roof, which focuses on the English speaking repertoire.

Oliver Micevski´s productions have been successfully introduced all over Europe. His main interest is the minimalist theatre and the vision of the theatre for the future.

Daniel Hall

Univerzita v Sussexe, UK

Daniel Hall is an actor from Oxford, U.K who graduated in Psychology in the U.K. He is active in Budapest’s most significant English language theatre group, Theatre on the Roof. He has also worked in Budapest-based film, television and commercial voice-over fields, as well as conducting numerous workshops and training programmes.

Timea Kasa

Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, Francúzsko

Timea Kasa is an actress from Hungary. Her acting career started at Szeged National Theatre’s Studio. After graduation, she went on to Paris to the international school of theatre of Jacques Lecoq, where she got her degree in 2007. Since 2011 she has been living and working again in Hungary and is one of the founding members of Theatre on the Roof.


14.00 -14.30 Introduction

14.30 -15:30 Thinking in English (Oliver Micevski )

15:30 – 16:30 Most common pronunciation errors in English – Connected speech, Problematic sounds (Daniel Hall)

16:30 – 17:00 Break

17.00 – 18.00 Body movements (Timea Kasa)

18.00 – 19.00 Acting in English

19.00 – 20.00 Final presentation

40.00  Add to cart

Attention! Maximum 10 participants.