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Fundacja Teatr Malabar Hotel – Alatyr Theatre

About us:

We’ve met in 2014, working on a performance that was supposed to tame our fear of death. We’ve been rehearsing on a garret of the Puppet Theatre Academy in Białystok, Poland – so then we were playing it as a school workshop group in several towns and on the festivals.

After spending a year together we decided not to finish this adventure. Now, as the Alatyr Theatre, we work on the second play. We’re interested in the theatre of form, trying to mix psychologic acting with puppetry and environmental stage design. We’re looking for the meaningful, uncommon forms. We want to talk about our fascinations. We are starting – that is a very beginning.

Alatyr is the name of the magical, goddish stone from the island of Bujan, which is Slavic Avalon. It provides wisdom and harmony. We count on it.

We´ve run out of days

About the play:

Who would I be, if there will be no food in the shops, no electricity in the wires? If my flat will be turned into the ruin and my family will die or run away? If I will stand alone in the middle of nowhere, hungry and shivering? What would define my humanity then?

In the ruined shelter there is hiding two people. They have neither supplies, ideas, nor hope. Waiting for the end they memorize their past. People they’ve met are returning to them as the creepy, dead puppets. This is the one last time they can live their lives – in the minds of two survivors.

The performance is based on the fragments of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, Cormack McCarthy’s The road, Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s cradle, Thomas Eliot’s The waste land and The Book of Revelation.

Friday 09:00 – 10:00
The performance is suitable for audience aged 14+.

Screenplay and directing: Jakub Kasprzak
Stage design and puppets: Adam Karol Drozdowski
Music: Szymon Domagała

Olimpia Bogusz
Milena Kobylińska

Jakub Kasprzak
+48 609 213 007